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Slut med at åbne og lukke for dine høns med denne VSE automatik til hønseport af tysk kvalitet.

Åbner ved solopgang og lukker ved solnedgang men også efter timer i automatikken eller via manuel betjening.



Via betjeningspanelet bethenes de mange funktioner let og automatikken viser hvilken tilstand der måles.

Denne automatik løfter op til 3 kg.

Nem montage, så du er hurtigt i gang.

Brusvejledning på engelsk medfølger

  • With integrated timer and weekly function
  • (e.g. different opening hours on weekends or only on Sundays)
  • morning and evening separately adjustable
  • Twilight delay (adjustable closing time after detection of darkness, good for latecomers)
  • Twilight and time control, as well as manual operation in a compact, stylish housing
  • Contactless operation via magnet > Your key to the device
  • Convenient manual operation: e.g. close manually in the evening and open again automatically in the morning, without renewed manual operation
  • Illuminated, easy-to-read display and easy menu control
  • Automatic summer time changeover can be activated

The VSE – The All-in-One Automatic Chicken Door



Open and close when it gets light or dark.
Light sensor is built inside the device. No extra light sensor required if the unit is mounted outside the coop.
When installing the doorkeeper inside the coop, please order a sensor extension, the outdoor light sensor (ASb), in the appropriate length.
The sensitivity of the sensor is easily adjustable so that it can be adapted to the installation location and the behaviour of the animals.
Twilight delay (closing 1 to 90 minutes after the device has detected darkness, maximum 23:45 o’clock



Integrated timer with display and menu control
Weekend function (Saturday and Sunday and/or Sunday different settings possible).
Separate morning and evening settings possible (open until 12:00, close from 12:00 to 24:00)
Operation from outside by magnet, your key to the Doorkeeper.



Close if necessary AND open manually
A magnet is held to a control panel on the device, which triggers the function (close or open).
Extendable control panel for magnet (ext.SA) = manual control, even if the device is installed in the coop. If required, please also order ext.SA in the appropriate lengt.



Battery operation
4x Mignon alkaline batteries (AA, LR6), cheap in every supermarket available

Battery life approx. 2 years
Be independent of sockets, e.g. for mobile henhouses
Battery low indicator (LED)

  • Indicator for “Device in closed mode” (flashing LED)
  • External light sensor (1 to 6 metres) can be connected (optionally available) – for mounting the device in the coop
  • Extension of manual operation (1, 3 and 6 metres) possible (optionally available) – Manual operation also possible during assembly in the coop
  • Extension of LED displays (1, 3 and 6 meters) possible (optionally available) – LED indicators can also be seen when mounted in the coop
  • Optimized mechanics – less cord load
  • Door stops when there is a chicken underneath. It will continue to close when the animal is gone.
  • up to 3 kg slide weight
  • 12V power supply available as accessory (optional) – Operate device via 230V socket power, batteries can remain in device as emergency power supply
  • 1x control magnet is always included in the scope of delivery.

If you need a doorkeeper to open a field gate (for horses), please have a look at the two devices VSD and BS2. These are the perfect combination for this application. The VSE is in some cases not suitable for horse applications.

Many things are possible with the VSE. There is a suitable setting for every chicken keeper. Benefit from our top customer service, the quality Made in Germany and long warranty periods. The devices can be mounted flexibly and offers a great price/performance ratio.

You operate the menu via a control magnet at the front of the front cover. The housing does not have to be opened and there are no mechanical components that could break. A very elegant variant. You can place the magnet on the device if you not need it, it stays where it is.

Manual operation
Close the door by holding the magnet shortly to the housing or extension. The door stays closed until the next morning and then opens again automatically – you doen’t have to do anything.

Or open the door again the same day. It also closes automatically that evening.

LED indicator:
The device provides status information via an LED in the housing.

For example, that the door must be closed according to the limit switch position.
The batteries must be replaced.
There is a condition that requires your attention.
The LED displays are shown for a limited time. This saves energy and prevents disco lighting at night at the chicken co


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